What You Need To Know About Civil Law If You’re Contemplating Seeking A Lawful Action

What you need to know about civil law if you have a dispute with another person or company. A dispute could be a divorce, child custody, property ownership or settlement over personal or property damages. The civil laws function is to provide a legal solution to help people solve their differences.

Civil lawsuits can settle these five area of law; personal or real property, domestic relations, tort, contract and inheritance. If you’re not in a contractual agreement with someone and they commit a wrong towards you use this law to seek legal help. Whether the action was intentional or not you’re entitled to compensation for those injuries.

Under contract law if two parties are in an agreement and it is broken by one the other has the right to file a lawsuit against them. These lawsuits are most popular in the small claims courts. Contracts can be verbal or written the latter will make your case easier to win.

Property law involves disputes over ownership of personal or real property. Anything that is movable from the property would be considered personal property. Real property is the actual land and anything that is not movable like the house that sits on it or crops that grow on it. Anything found under the property would also fall into this area such as oil or minerals.

Domestic relations law pertains to issues relating to domestic or home life. The most common lawsuits under this law are divorce and child custody or support disputes. Inheritance laws involve people trying to settle disputes over a deceased person’s will.

There are three types of judgments that will be granted for these types of cases. Domestic relations cases involving divorce are usually settled with declaratory judgments. Tort cases are settled with monetary judgments. Domestic disputes settled with equity judgments would mean that a party is requesting a temporary restraining order. In the event the judge or lawyers feel that an action should be taken to stop possible damage to a case a preliminary or permanent injunction will be granted. This type of information is what you need to know about civil law before pursuing a legal action against someone.

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