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Freshly minted attorneys are frequently so eager to begin practicing that they come dangerously close to earning the nickname of ambulance chaser. The suggestions and tips that follow are taken from Jay G. Foonberg’s popular guidebook entitled How to Start and Build a Law Practice:

Advise your prospective clients to engage you as soon as possible and often when you are meeting with the potential client and / or their family initially. In order to verify that there is need for representation and to protect a client’s interest, work will need to begin as immediately as possible. You should also instruct your client to consult with you before discussing the case with anyone regarding facts and possible fault, with the possible exception of police officers. Any ancillary or disinterested witnesses need to be interviewed as soon as practicable.

Accident sites need to be visited and documented photographically before any changes, repairs, or distortions occur. Be sure that the client understands not to allow damaged, dirty or blood-stained clothing or evidence to be discarded by medical responders. Any outward evidence of injuries, including bruises, scratches and the like, must be chronicled in photographs right away. The injured person must be reminded that insurance company’s primary concern is to defend a claim for damages rather than getting any funds for the insured for personal injury.

The client should completely and thoroughly review any medical records for accuracy and completeness. Medical records should be given the appropriate amount of time and consideration. Reports from doctors will be held in higher esteem by an insurance company than a report received by another medical professional who is not a physician.

Remind the client orally and in writing that “based on the facts as they appear in the present time, it appears that he has a meritorious case. That is why, it is impossible to value the case until the full extent of personal injury, the need for treatment, damages, and losses are known.

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