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Copyright is a legal fiction designed to protect the works of artists, inventors and innovators. In essence, it is a legal bar, allowing exclusivity for those who create works in the form of an intangible asset which can be sold or relinquished, and which expires upon a certain period of time.

The issue of copyright has become a bigger concern, thanks to the rapid expansion of the Internet domain, as well as the development of greater amounts of content; this is an issue that more web masters are starting to think about in order to protect their interests.

Additionally, with the rise of the freelancer market, the issue of copyright is becoming a heated topic of debate for both buyers and sellers at every stage in the production chain, and the effects of not having the relevant rights could be potentially catastrophic. In this article, we’ll look at what exactly copyright is, and how it relates to the internet in content creation.

Copyright laws were created to protect people’s creations from being used by another party without permission and usually some type of financial gain for the create, so if the law is broken then the original creator has the right to sue whoever is using their product. Many artists work on a commission basis and copyright laws are designed to make it easier for them to sue if a third party is using their work inappropriately, or without the person’s permission to use it at all.

Where a creator is working on commission, copyright is designed to act as a lien in his favor, meaning that if he creates and passes on but does not receive payment, he can withhold copyright and sue for breach where applicable. Of course, he would also have remedies under the ordinary law of contract, but the grasp of copyright is a very powerful tool, which can even be used against the third party buyer from the original commissioner.

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