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Why Are You Taking Your Company Public? Evolve Or Die! As the owner of a corporate consulting firm that takes companies public and steps into public entities with a turnaround team to fix dying companies, there are two realities of corporate strategies that ring true in any and all industries when it comes to creating successful companies and those realities are: few things work and nothing works for long. Evolve or die, the decision is yours. What works today didn’t work ten years ago and won’t work ten years from now.

Promotional strategies, inter industry alliances, legal loopholes and board member’s bartering chips are forever spinning and mutating and like Zen seem to change shape just as the issues that make a strategies template seem to be defined and duplicatable.

Constantly update your publicity technologies. Always get the opinion of different peer groups who represent polar opposites in the market place before you roll out a new product or service. Before you make a decision have a backup plan and a backup plan to that plan. Have your CFO’s work audited by outside sources. Run credit checks on executives before they are promoted and find out if they are trying to live above their means, if so, they have the ‘grass is greener’ disease and will never be satisfied and will always be looking for a better deal. Employees like this can’t be trusted to help carry a company.

If you are a business owner, your job should be finding someone more qualified than you to run and grow your company. Always have multiple streams of revenue. If you are in the service industry, diversify by offering some products. If you are in the product industry (retail type) partner with some service oriented companies to earn commissions off of their efforts and your customer base.

Always be on a lookout for strategic partners and never be afraid to network. Keep updating your business plan. When raising capital stay out of debt and offer equity instead and when you offer equity in return for investment, pick inter industry alliances to raise capital from. Use a publicist and publicize everything! If you can’t afford a publicist put out press releases keeping your industry and potential clients informed of what you’re doing.

The above is just a little advice that I give to each client before initiating the structuring process of a Pre IPO. These realities will hold true today, next year and as long as commerce exists.

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