Procedure In Getting Security Guard Certification

In order to take precaution of our properties and even ourselves from damage, harm or theft, outsourcing of security services becomes essential. The services are in plenty and a need to get the one which is properly certified is indispensable so as to reap the best of the services. So as to ensure competency in this field, security guard certification becomes a vital step. The descriptions below in brief tell of what is needed to be successful in certification.

The security guards are required to have completed a specified amount of time in the training courses before making the application for a registration card. This is then presided by a sixteen hour training course while on job in a time span of ninety days from the initial day of employment. One will also be required to complete an eight hour in-service every year thereafter.

The applicants undertaking the armed guards are mandated to possess a fire arm license that is valid as stated by the law. One is also expected to have finished a firearm usage training course of forty seven hours. The guard will need to complete an in-service training of eight hours annually commencing a year later after completion of training date.

Those applicants of special armed guard who have finished on the initial training in deadly physical force and firearms usage for more than a year before getting employed must finish an in service training of eight hour, annual police firearm qualification or an annual peace officer firearm qualification before applying for the special armed guard card.

This drilling course for guards ought to follow standards which are prescribed accordingly to the codes of professionalism and business. The topics set to be covered are listed to the appendix which is set forth plus the time duration needed to meet the amount of training needed. The firm or institution giving the courses is compelled to issue a certificate of completion on individuals who are done with the courses.

The issued certificate ought to identify the undertaken course, the number of hours which have been used in training, identity of the firm issuing the course, both the trainee and the instructors names, the date and statement that shows that the course conform with the affairs of the consumer department on the security guards training course. To allow tracking, the certificates should be serially numbered.

The courses are needed to include basics and info relating to the outline provided so as to familiarize and instruct the trainees through basic skills and provide an encompassing knowledge in work performance. The course is supposed to include materials that are written, lectures and drills so as to make sure the subject matter is gained fully. A completion of a two mandatory course within a month is a must to the newly employed or licensed guards.

From the above, it is important to ensure you meet the set standards in order to be considered competent and thus get valid certification. For the ones who are yet to start the training course, it is important that you make further investigation on training institution you are planning to join so as to ensure it meets security standards.

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