Low Flow Toilets Can Be Embarrassing There Is A Cheap Alternative

Who ever said that all controversy has to cover subjects that are acceptable in polite company? These days there are many people arguing over toilets. You hear mention of many things unmentionable but they all revolve around this invasion into our lives of low flow toilets. Now there are laws against standard flow toilets. The reason is because the water conservationists want us to flush the toilet with less water. Now they have forced there ways into of all places – your bathroom.

Engineers have a lot of problems when designing a functional product. They oftentimes have trouble differentiating between theory and real world application. These toilets probably looked great when calculating saved gallons of water per year. But they did not give enough thought to the purpose of the water and what it is flushing away. Did they not consider that people may just flush twice and that the low flow was not enough pressure to eliminate the waste? Now they codified this into law and these laws are on the books to this day. I wonder how many of these lawmakers have researched if they have saved water or wasted more water when people flush twice?

Ready for the next stage in the over the top conservationists quiver? How about the waterless urinal. Of course you have seen these in public buildings. But did you know they have been put into the laws so now you will be seeing them more and more. The unfortunate part is that these work well for only a brief period of time. Maybe a few hours – but after that the waterless urinal oftentimes smells and becomes a nuisance to get near – let alone use. These laws are not giving any due to the consumer and lessening our quality of life.

It is always a joke when a law comes out that makes one product illegal that there will be an underground market for it. Well guess what. There is an underground market for standard flow toilets. If you are building a very fancy home – it is not much for you to pay your plumber an extra few buck to import a standard flow toilet and install it. Of course this is against code but if you are building a very nice home you want the best for your guests. Maybe family members know to flush twice – but guests will not. This could be very embarrassing for the, The way to avoid it is to simply have standard flow toilets installed in the guest bathrooms. Just make certain you do not have the local code enforcement officer over for dinner.

Fortunately there have been some consumers and trade organizations that are fighting back. I suspect the consumers are the law makers themselves. Nothing like having to live with your the laws you make. There has been a compromise. These are dual flush toilets. Dual flush toilets have one lever you push for liquid waste and then a second lever for solid waste. This is a wise compromise that has been coded into the law. Thank goodness some someone decided it was a law worth fixing. The good news is the dual flush technology barely costs more than a standard low flow toilet – oftentimes within $10. The good news also is the dual flush toilet has much less water used for the liquid flush but actually more water used for the solids flush than even the traditional standard flow toilet. This is great news and really if you have a low flow toilet – you may think about grabbing a dual flush toilet – they are easy to install and much more convenient to use for you, your family, and guests.

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