Know What The Canadian Immigration Requirements Are Before You Pack Up Your Life

For many people in the developing world, moving to a developed country seems like an easy way to a better life. However, the only way to really improve your life by immigrating is to do it legally, so that you’ll be able to fully benefit from what your adopted country has to offer. Canada is a popular choice but before you start working towards moving there, you need to check that you’ll meet the Canadian immigration requirements.

Not every prospective immigrant is automatically accepted into Canada. The country’s immigration department has very strict guidelines and criteria that you should meet before they’ll approve your application. They use a point system where each criterion is worth a certain number of points. If your total score is high enough, your chances of being accepted are higher.

For instance, your education can earn you a good number of points. Highly skilled people are in demand, especially in fields such as law, medicine and the veterinary sciences. If you have a doctorate degree in one of these fields, your score will be very high. If, however, you only have a high school diploma, you will only score a few points.

It’s important that you’ll be economically active and not just depending on the state to provide for your every need. You need to be employable. Therefore, each year’s worth of work experience can earn you points too because experience increases your chances of getting a good job.

Canada has two official language and it’s important that you can communicate well in at least one of them. After all, you won’t be able to get by or find a job if you don’t know how to speak, read, understand or write the language. To prove your abilities in either English or French, you need to undergo formal testing and submit the test results with your application.

Children and older people have a slimmer chance of being accepted into Canada. The reason is that they’re not economically active or that they may only a few years of economic activity left before they’ll become a burden on the state. The age group that is most desirable is the one between 18 and 37 and these people score higher in the point system. Another advantage is having relatives in Canada or having lived there before, since this means that you’ll find it easier to adapt to the new surroundings.

The government will also look at other factors, such as whether you already have a job offer or sufficient funds to support yourself. Your health record is important too, because healthier people won’t become a burden on the public healthcare system. If you have a criminal record, your chances of making the grade are very slim.

Your partner will be assessed too, especially for adaptability if it’s clear that you’ll be the breadwinner. Having a partner who’s already a citizen of the country will help because this person can sponsor you and increase your chances. To make the process as easy as possible, it’s advisable to contact an immigration agency or lawyer to help you with the details.

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