Killer Questions Commercial Litigation Attorneys Should Ask

When it comes to court proceeding, it is only natural for an attorney to question the other party’s client involvement or part of the case. For the attorneys whose specialization is commercial litigation NJ, then the questions prepared for this event are those that will help in getting a person deposed or impeached.

While it might be a tough case, you should handle the court proceedings properly. If you are a lawyer and your goal is to depose a certain individual, then prepare questions to ask the other party. Know killer questions that you have to ask to achieve your goal. Here are some of the examples of those killer questions.

Ask relevant questions of prior conviction. You better ask the other party’s client if there was an instance in the past where he or she has been arrested. You should then follow it up to ask about convictions way before. While the other party’s counsel might react overboard over this kind of question, go ahead with this. Prior convictions are valid for impeachment.

Questions about depositions. There will be a big turn around if the said individual has experienced prior deposition. After all, this will establish the individual as someone who is unfit for the said position. It will make it easier to handle your case if the individual has a prior record for deposition.

Know if this individual has ever seen the employee, defendant, or plaintiff prior to the events related to the lawsuit. You can get a glimpse of the relationship between two individuals when you ask this question. There are even times when you can uncover connections between the other side and a supposedly independent witness.

Ask relevant questions whether this person has met up with the opposing counsel before deposition. When the answer to the question is yes, then you need to elaborate on it. Know how many meetings were held, when they occurred, and how long each meeting lasted. This is the way of dismantling a person’s claim of independence.

Ask relevant questions whether this person has made recorded statements, spoken to reporters, or signed written statements about any events relevant to this lawsuit. Not only that, you will also need to determine whether there are statements made on the Web. Try to verify the answers given by the inquired party. If he or she is lying, then you may use it as a leverage for your case.

You also have to ask about the things that the individual did before the hearing in preparation for the deposition. This is the type of question that will help you uncover the individual’s perceived weaknesses. You can also use the individual’s answers to your advantage. Just remember to follow-up on the answers made by the said individual.

Remember that these are not the only questions you will need to ask the person. Get to know more about the person’s personality, principles, and other aspects. It will allow you to establish the fact that the person is worth deposing or impeaching. Prepare your case to obtain success.

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