Illinois Free Marriage Records

Are you in the look out of a speedier technique to finish your ancestral exploration in a brief period of time? Then the best recourse you can do is to probe into Illinois marriage records.

The Illinois State Archives offers a database for marriages which took place in the entire state. In the year 1985, the Illinois State Genealogical Society has teamed-up with the state archives to compile an index which consists of over 1 million weddings and 2 million names. The bases for all the facts which are reflected from the database are derived from the marital documents that are stored at the offices of the county clerks, and those data from different people and genealogical associations. The said marriage index can provide you with nuptial details that happened from 1763 to 1900. In scrutinizing a certain marital report, the date that is revealed in the outcome of the search can be the date when the wedding materialized or the date of issuance of the marriage license.

In Illinois State, marriage decrees are identified as private records. The persons who are allowed to get a copy of such legal report are those individuals whose names appear in the nuptial file, or those people who can substantiate their interest in either the husband or the wife.

If you want to check-out a certain nuptial record in Illinois State, the proper place to go to is the Office of the County Clerk where the marriage happened. If you want to grab a copy of the said file, first and foremost, you need to complete the application from which you can find online. Be sure to supply all the details needed in the form and to enclose a photocopy of your state-issued photo ID. Your petition, together with the search free in the amount of $5.00 must be forwarded to the Vital Records Unit of the Illinois Department of Health. For requests via mail, you can pay the fee either by check or money order. If you opt to fax your request, payments are made through credit cards so you have to make sure that you indicate your credit card details, otherwise, your appeal will not be acknowledged. For credit card dealings, additional expenses covering freight and handling in the amount of $8.50 and $19.50 respectively are collected.

Copies of Illinois marriage documents are not available from the state’s Department of Health. However, the agency can support you by giving you a list of county and clerk offices you can visit. On the other hand, marital data from 1962 up to the present time is available in the said bureau. You will have to pay $5.00 for every examination you make or for every validation about the specific area of the wedding ceremony. You will not be given any refund for the payment you made even if there is no recovery of the file you want.

In the worldwide web, you can take advantage of the marriage records free which you can use anytime right in the comfort of your own home. You can experience a hassle-free access to valuable information without having to pay anything.

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