Accidents in the Family Home

For quite some time, the Home and Leisure Accident Surveillance gathered statistics about reported accidents in the UK. The database, a simplified version of which is now available online, shows data about accident locations, victims and the objects (or indeed animals) involved. While there are, of course, some shocking statistics within, we’ll focus here on some of the accidents that took place at home!

A significant number of accidents involving animals were caused by pigs. In 2002, pigs were responsible for upwards of 200 reported accidents in the UK. Which is more, not all of these accidents were caused on farmyards. More than 20 of these accidents were caused in the home… Perhaps they were flying in through the window.

Do not think that the problem is only reserved to those evil pigs, that most dangerous of domestic pet, the fish, accounted for 89 injuries in 2000. However, many people will not be surprised to hear that those cunning cats accounted for more than 12,000 accidents in the UK that year.

Nevertheless, perhaps the most surreal statistics are reserved for those 144 people who were injured by shrubs and bushes indoors not to mention the 1,046 people who were injured by, yes, a potted plant!

But while it’s easy to look with a little humour at some of these, the fact is that there are more than 2 million accidents indoors in homes across the country each year, whether the fault of pets, home accessories or even faulty products. While many of these accidents could be attributed to carelessness or cautions not taken, some are the result of faulty products and circumstances not the fault of the victim of the accident. Accidents at home come at a huge cost to the country’s National Health Service.

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