Lab Technician Jobs: Checking Your Qualifications

The job description of medical lab technician relates to the collection and analysis of different body fluids and cells, all of which are important in the diagnosis and treatment recommendation that doctors and other medical specialists perform since it serves as basis for their decisions. An individual who plans to apply in medical lab technician jobs will first need to complete a formal training program.

The main route taken in order to become a medical lab technician is to take an Associate’s Degree Course in Medical Technology. Training programs are usually offered in vocational schools, community colleges, and select hospital facilities as well. In order to be accepted in worthwhile medical lab technician jobs, always make sure that you only enroll in accredited training programs.

Many individuals will find that majority of medical lab technician jobs nowadays are being offered by general medical and surgical hospitals. Among their most common requirements for hiring is that the applicant must have previously completed an accredited Medical Technology training program. Programs accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). About 479 programs are currently on the accredited list of the NAACLS.

Once formal training has been completed, it is advisable to first seek for certification before you start looking for medical lab technician jobs. The medical lab technician career is a very competitive one, and having acquired certification can be advantageous, especially since most employers also prefer hiring applicants with certification, particularly from associations such as the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel.

Today’s medical lab technician jobs also require applicants to have certain qualities such as the ability to work under tremendous pressure and have sound analytical judgment. A good medical lab technician is one that also has reliable problem-solving skills, good manual dexterity, normal color vision, a keen eye for detail, and general knowledge about the use of computers.

If you are looking for medical lab technician jobs that will provide you with the best position and salary threshold, you will have to also pursue continuing education and earn as much work experience as you can. You can find a vast range of medical lab technician jobs through the internet; most of them from online job directories and websites of professional associations.

You’re not going anywhere in your laboratory tech career without proper training. There are also a myriad of lab technician schools to choose from. Check out and we’ll help you address these lab technician training concerns and more.

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