The Philosophy Of Reggio Emilia Schools In Mclean VA

Fundamental to an inspiring approach to learning is to see students right at the center of the process, utilizing their curiosity and interest to help them learn from adults, their peers and their environment. This approach has been adopted by centers in Italy for more than forty years. Reggio Emilia schools in Mclean VA have also adopted this approach, influenced by the success of this method.

The curriculum taught in these schools is not rigid and inflexible. It is influenced by the ideas and thoughts of the students. Every teacher decides what is most fruitful for their students to pursue. This enables them to create inspiring opportunities for children to discover, problem solve and experience for themselves. This often establishes in students a lifelong desire to learn.

The fact that the students themselves are allowed to direct the pace at which they learn, is very helpful, particularly for those who may have difficulties with concentration or other problems. They are not forced to go at a pace they cannot handle but move on when they feel ready. Students do not have to memorize facts for tests to determine whether they are fit to progress or not.

The educators also function differently. They function as nurturers and guides rather than as an authoritarian figure. Italian teacher, Loris Malaguzzi, saw the need to change the way teachers and students interacted. He felt that a teacher needed to facilitate exploration, discovery and problem solving by listening closely to what students have to say and observing their interactions.

Movement, drawing, shadow play, sculpture, painting and music are all means used to promote communication, development of creativity, problem solving and ability to connect ideas. The thinking of the student is made visible through the use language skills and various materials. The skills and values developed in this way help the student to develop and grow in a lifelong process.

There is no such thing as passing or failing and this frees children to use each opportunity to grow without focusing on marks. Exams and tests force children to assimilate facts and regurgitate them, often without understanding them. This method allows them to absorb more meaningful knowledge that helps them to develop skills and values required for growth and future functioning in society.

Parents are often not really involved in the educational process and may even be seen as a threat by teachers. This is not the case in these schools, where teachers and parents work closely together and share ideas. Documentation is kept by the teacher in the form of a book or panel of transcribed dialogues and photographs. This shows parents how their children are developing.

Students are the center of the learning process and have the freedom to question, explore, feel and imagine. Developing at their own pace without unnecessary pressure allows them to become problem solvers and insightful thinkers. They also develop values like respect for others and responsibility. They grow into adults with the skills needed to flourish in society and achieve goals.

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