The Odd Problems With Public Education

Everyone living on this planet want to attend school and gain a spectacular job one day. Unfortunately there are problems with public education within the United States that cannot easily be resolved. Too many teachers are being fired from their job and the students are lacking any type of discipline. Other issues which face the school system include overcrowded classrooms, disorderly students, not enough books, non healthy lunches, school bullying, school shootings and teen pregnancy.

Places like New York, Alabama, Georgia, New Jersey and California are having a difficult time training and hiring new educators. A city located in Georgia had to lay off more than two hundred teachers at one time due to budget cuts. School superintendents make a great deal of money and they do not care about the working teachers who really make small salaries. The newer educators have to settle for more work and less pay if they want to keep their jobs.

Youngsters who attend these schools will really pay the ultimate price since they will not receive good services. When a school decides to slash its budget the classroom size will be double. More students within a room do not receive the individual care from a teacher. She/he may have too many issues to tackle and they rarely have an assistant helping them.

A classroom which has a huge crowd will create complications each and every day of the week. Students end up fighting with one another on a daily basis and they will never be able to finish their work. Any location that suffers from overpopulation may become very violent. Many of the teachers working within New York schools have quit after one school term because of this situation. It is difficult to obtain respect from students who do not wish to abide by the rules.

There are never enough books to go around within a normal inner city school. Students are always receiving used items that are sometimes torn apart or missing certain pages. This causes them to feel like second class citizens who are not really appreciated by the school board members.

Youngsters who live in the more exclusive neighborhoods will receive the best textbooks and learning material that is available. Many of the private schools do not have a local bully who will make trouble for any smart child. If there is a thug within the private location he/she will be transferred immediately. Bullies often live in households that have no structure and morality.

Rules are rarely implemented on a daily basis when a child is living with a single mom. Young people who do not have a positive male figure in their life do not really care about themselves or anyone else in society. Over the past few years citizens everywhere have witnessed more school shootings and teen pregnancies around America.

Once a young woman becomes pregnant she does not feel the need to continue with her learning. Therefore these tragic females will become victims within the system since they will collect a welfare check each and every month.

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