The New Online High School Courses Ontario

A course is a series of lessons offered in high schools and colleges by teachers or lecturers. Students can take different courses from each other like art, science, business etc. These courses can also be taken online if the student prefers to do so. Online high school courses Ontario has been introduced by their ministry of education together with the e Learning association.

In this distance learning system students have the opportunity to choose the learning center, course and program they want just like the traditional way but this time through the internet, therefore making it easier since there is no burden of having to fill a pile of documents which can be tiresome at some point.

In distance learning unlike classroom learning, the learners do not need to have their note books and pen, all they need is to open a portal where they can access all their school notes, assignments, announcements, time table, exams and get their results there. The teachers too have to open their own portals where they can send assignments, mark them and record the performances of the learners.

The students and teachers have to open a portal where they can access their courses and assignments, notes, announcements and even get their results. Like the normal traditional class they are given a deadline on when to submit their assignments and exams. The students can ask their teachers questions through email just as if they were in class.

Many people are familiar with online courses being done at the university and not high schools that is why high school online courses in Ontario have gained popularity. It has attracted the attention of many that most wish to be part of. The ministry of education in Ontario has taken this into consideration and has created a way in which international students can access their websites, create their own student portals and choose their courses.

The advantages of distance learning are that it is flexible in that students plan their schedules at their own convenient time. The students can choose their institution, courses and program. This learning system has prepared the student for university/college as most of the courses are done online. The learning materials are available throughout therefore they can be accessed anytime or any day. Another advantage is that the students can get someone to do their assignments and exams without the teachers ever finding out. Distance learning is also cheaper because additional costs can be avoided such as transport, accommodation, reading materials and even the fees is cheaper.

The disadvantages are; a student should always be at the disposable of a computer and electricity. Sometimes when there is a power blackout they are forced to wait or postpone their assignments. Another disadvantage is that some students learn better through physical demonstrations especially when it comes to practical.

The limitations of distance learning are; it is required that each and every student has a computer, which some may not be able to afford. The students easily divert their attentions doing other things since there is no teacher to supervise their studies. It gets easy for them to cheat during exams by copying or allowing someone else to take the exams for them. There has to be electrical power throughout for the student to study.

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