Problems With Public Education That Need To Be Resolved

A lot has been researched on ways in which we can offer quality school life. Tackling problems with public education is an important step into molding well educated citizens. This can be achieved by identifying the problem and its root and then coming up with ways in which we can tackle it.

A study conducted recently suggests that poverty, which is a historical obstacle, continues to act as hindrance up to the modern society. Education was provided to working class in the past while the poor individuals remained uneducated. Education is today offered to all irrespective of a person social status and everyone is expected to graduate. A novel paradigm shift is shown by the increased poverty levels compounded with the shift in education. This requires policies which are fresh to address reality.

By the beginning of the millennium, learners qualifying for standardized prices and free meals constituted roughly half the learners in four states. In ten years half of learners, in 17 states, in public schools were in poverty. In the current century unemployment has greatly increased on parents with the available jobs failing to tailor the needs of provision of basic needs and education.

Score testing been based majorly on arts lessons that entails drama, music and painting. The lessons have the ability to produce talents which are unique to individual learner while making learning to be enjoyable in the course. Math poses a challenge to schools in poor regions something that frustrates teachers hence students being the ones at disadvantage in comparison to their peers. Steps in standardization have consequently made molding of lesson to suit unique social cultures difficult.

Sidelining of the physical educations and recess has in turn posed a challenge to the well-being of students. This is because these two enhance the student capacity to focus and learn while on the other hand ensuring that the health of the student is healthy as it combats calamities such obesity and other lifestyle diseases.

There is a wider disparity of schools in poor regions and those from affluent regions. Most of these schools that are in poor regions have bigger class size, unmotivated teachers, and poor teaching facilities among other disadvantages. This is unlike those of well up areas that have well stocked libraries, medical attention, learning models and other goodies that makes the education system in the country to be unequal.

Parental involvement and the quality of the home life of the child act a predictor of the achievement of the student. Some parent are very much involved with their kids lives while others are nowhere to be found and no nothing about their children whereabouts. The need to be actively involved is very wise since positive encouragement at home will lead to improved outcomes in learning at school.

Though tackling conflict is a maturation process in a child, exposure to harassment and violence can lead to wanting performance at schools and can lead to development of anti-social character as well as anxiety as the child matures. Early childhood education needs to integrate violence reduction as well as conflict mediation.

The education structure stands out as a highly important system in the country as this is where professionals and character are made. Proper protection of this sector by dealing with obstacles facing it is imperative to ensure its relevance.

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