How To Study Effectively: Six Studying Tips That Make You Study Smart

It’s one thing to sit down and study – but it’s another thing altogether to sit down and study effectively. Why? Well just because you’re sitting at your desk and your books are all out, it doesn’t mean you’re studying. But what you really want to know is how to make the most of your time when you are studying so that you can get things done quicker and have more free time. Sounds good doesn’t it?

There is a lot of reading involved in studying. That’s just the reality of the situation. You have lots to learn and one of the best ways we learn is to read. So if you could read twice as fast as everyone else, would that help you get ahead in your studies? How far ahead do you think? It’s possible that you could save hours and hours of time if you learnt to read quickly. So what’s stopping you?

If you want to study effectively you need to be able to concentrate. You would be surprised at how many people choose to study in places and areas that aren’t conducive to study. If possible, study away from distractions and make a choice that you won’t allow yourself to be distracted. Turn off your cell phone, the net, loud music and the television, and put tape over the mouth of anyone who’s distracting you. OK well maybe don’t do that last part! But definitely kick them out of your study zone.

Creating a timetable for your study is a simple but very effective technique. So ask yourself – how much time each night do I spend studying, and how much do I spend having free time? You might be quite surprised by the results. Many students find they are spending far more time relaxing and having free time than they thought. So it’s no wonder they aren’t getting the grades they want. But by looking at what you spend most of your time on you can then make a change (if you need to). It’s only by understanding how you spend your time that you can then make a decision to act on it.

Your attitude and belief can really make you or break you. There is often only one difference between those that succeed and those that fail – and that’s attitude. There is a massive difference between a student that says to themselves “I can do this, I will get the work done, it always works out well for me” and once that says “I can’t do this, I can’t get this work done, I always fail”. Both students have to do the same amount of work in the same amount of time, but it’s the attitude that makes all the difference in the world.

Setting goals makes a big difference. Why? Well, how could it not? Without goals there is no focus. Many students find that they have no real idea what they are working towards and generally it’s a case of “trying my best” or “improving”. But what does that really mean? It’s too abstract to be a goal. It’s not something to work towards. So create a specific and measurable ambition for yourself. And while you’re at it, give it a time limit. Don’t think, “I’d like to improve in Math”, but do think “I want a B average in Math by the end of the year”. Think specific, think measurable and think time limited. That’s what setting goals is all about.

You wouldn’t put garbage into a car, so why do we put it into our bodies? The food you eat really does impact you. Among other things, it impacts your skin, your weight and your energy levels. All of these are important to us. Eat foods that will help you be the best you can be. This is one of the simplest things you can change so make a choice that you will change it. Choose healthy options when you have the chance – and make sure it becomes a habit.

Learning how to study effectively is not rocket science. It’s about making the best use of your time and doing things that give you the best chance of success. Very few successful people constantly put themselves in situations and environments that don’t help them. But students do it all the time. If you want to spend less time studying and more time pursuing your passions, then learn how to study effectively and give yourself the best chance of getting good grades with the least amount of effort. Good luck. is the premier resource for learning new study skills, changing your study habits and finding the best study tips available. We will help change the way you think about study – and even better – we will show you how to study effectively: How To Study Effectively | Studying Tips

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