How to manufacture Your Chinese Success

Acquiring a foreign language is not easy, we all know that, and majority of people fail to achieve the fluency that want for that particular language.

Fortunately, nowadays with the advancement of science, we know more about how the people, who succeed in acquiring fluency for their target language, condition themselves along the way of learning so they become successful.

One of the best methods they choose is called “visualization”, and not surprisingly people successful in picking up Chinese fluency use this little method.

In order to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese,one needs to put quite a lot of time and energy into it, and on occasion you would feel stuck or confused, and self-doubt may creep into your head.

Despite you have all the materials/mindset/methods, deep down we are still human,we need to see the result,as soon as possible.

Anytime you feel down, just close up your eyes and imagine yourself speaking fluent Chinese confidently in a conference, and the Chinese audiences laugh for your funny Chinese jokes…Or you talk to a Chinese waiter fluently in a Chinese restaurant, and you friends are impressed with your multi-lingual ability.

The items on your mental list could be endless, as long as you think they are realistic if you work smart and persistent enough.

It really is a universal technique used by lots of self-made wealthy people, particularly at the time when these people were still not “wealthy”.

Working out all the pictures in their mind is usual for them, they picture having their dream house or car, for a couple of minutes on a regular basis, and eventually it becomes their reality.

Our human mind is beyond our imagination, as whenever we are picturing, our brain feels the paradox between the current reality and your objectives (whatever that might be), your mind would make an effort to realize that target, by aligning your belief and your motion to the same direction unconsciously, to accomplish your desired outcome.

So next time you feel confused or stuck about your progress of learning Chinese, try this technique for two minutes, visualize all the pictures that you desire if you can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese, and do it repeatedly for a week or two.

Everybody can feel the challenging moment when we struggle with the uncertainty,especially people learning to speak Chinese and yet we can always refresh ourselves through this little trick.

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