Nclex Review Courses Are Very Useful

Ensuring that you have all the right preparations is vital on exam day. Live NCLEX review courses are study sessions that covers all of the essential contents that nurses need to pass their test plan. The educator is a nurse whom has already gotten her master’s degree. She will take you through test taking strategies, critical thinking exercise and all answer and question practices. They will keep on until you have gotten your pass, which is their guarantee.

Since the new test plan has been implemented all RN students are finding it even more difficult to get a pass. The average pass rate was about 92% but since it has been changed it has fallen to around 82%. This is to ensure that the standard of nursing will continue to rise and that proper care will be given to patients.

Once your eligibility has been verified you will then receive an authorization form that allows you to take the test, an ATT. With this you will get a list of all testing centers in your area and instructions on how to go about scheduling an appointment. This will set you back about $200.

This course will then cover the management of care as well as safety and infection control. Health promotion and maintenance and Physiological Integrity are also included. There are companies that will offer an online preparation test but of course for a fee. These are Kaplan and the National Council Learning Extension.

For another book the HESI gives you topics in an outline form with some very good notes. It is more of a straight to the point presentation that will help to refresh all information on nursing. This is more of a review book if one is confident that you will be passing your test.

Others might be more interested in becoming an LPN nurse. This is a term for Licensed Practical Nurse. In the United States of America and Canada this is referred to a nurse that helps care for the disabled, injured, convalescent and those that are sick. In certain areas in these countries they are also called Licensed Vocational Nurses.

Some of the duties will include taking the patients vital signs as well as administering injections and enemas. Inserting catheters will also be an active part of their duties. They are to ensure that their patient is comfortable and if they are unable to move around by themselves to assist. Many times this could also include giving them a bath and massages if need be.

This is just the first of the tests you will be completing. Once the above is done you will then have to take another done by the National Council’s testing service. This will however take about a month for your results and the Board of Nursing will mail them to you when they are available. Failing this, you will receive a diagnostic profile that will let you know where you scored your points in the knowledge and performance areas. This can be re-taken as many times as needed. The courses will help you to brush up on anything and everything that you will need to know.

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