A Students View Of California State University Los Angeles

Over the eastern part of Los Angeles, you’ll see the California State University, Los Angeles in all its wonder. It is parked on top of a hil,l right in front of the San Gabriel Mountains and just several miles from Downtown L.A. With its extremely distinctive location, this university does not particularly provide you with the whole “college vibe” that you generally see in the shows. This is not at all a minus for the university for several reasons.

First, it is practically a living museum. All the structures and buildings can attest to that. CSULA shelters a humanities shelter, a space research center by NASA and the nation’s first Charter College of Education. As you walk around campus, you will immediately sense the history that it is just beginning to create. Not only that, you can also find there a couple of specialty high schools- the Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science School and the Los Angeles Country High School for the Arts. Once you get a glimpse of what they do inside their classroom, you will bet that they will be famous one day.

Secondly, this is a commuter school and so the vast majority of students don’t really lodge at campus during the weekends (well, except if you have a Saturday class). Considering that just a few decide to board inside the university, you’ve got a variety of travelling alternatives you could use. If you have the luxury of owning your car, you could park in one with their underground parking places, which they actually created to minimize the over-crowding of vehicles around the campus grounds. In my honest opinion, I really think it’s great to just ride the train to get inside and outside of the university. You can take the bus or even the local shuttle service, whichever one’s easier for you.

Third, the notion that attending college is going to tie you down in IOUs for decades ahead are practically outlawed in CSULA. It is definitely one of the most inexpensive educational institutions within the state and not only that, your school guide will in fact require you to finish a number of educational assitance applications from all sorts of funding source you can actually ever imagine. What’s more, you can even work inside the campus so those lengthy gaps between classes will not include extreme boredom.

The one thing that holds the ‘college vibe’ is the academic programs. U.S. News rated their business program as the top in the U.S. Also, the School of Nursing is highly recommended that uses the most impressive teaching approach to students. However, don’t become upset should you not intend to take them as one of your specialties, simply because all of those other courses have the advantage of utilizing some of the most technologically innovative faciliates in the state.

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