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The volume of content on the World Wide Web has increased phenomenally and plagiarism has become a major issue. The reason for web owners, bloggers and content writers worry over plagiarism is not because they have inadvertently written sentences or phrases that match similar sentences on the internet, but because some of the popular search engines blacklist sites with plagiarized content. Therefore they will always check plagiarism on line to ensure that plagiarism does not exist in the content they are to release on their websites.

You can either pay to check plagiarism on line or you can use a free site. There are quite a few checks Plagiarism on line websites and accessing and using them is quite easy. All you need to do is to search for them through any search engine, go to the website, copy the content you want checked and run the search.

Nowadays it’s quite easy for content writers, bloggers and webmasters to ensure that there is no plagiarism in their content. They can get help quite easily to check plagiarism on line, as there are several plagiarism checker websites. To check plagiarism on line websites use different methodologies. Some of the methodologies used are: Strings: which look for exact textual matches of segments?

It’s the quest to get a top ranking on search engines and to increase traffic that has made plagiarism such a huge headache. A number of SEO firms, web masters and content writers plagiarize their own material. For example a writer will write one original article and then write similar articles containing the same content.

Parse trees: it builds and compare parse trees, allowing high level similarities to be detected. Program dependency graphs: PDGs capture the actual flow of control in a program allowing high level equivalences to be located.

Most of the check plagiarism on line websites does an exact match. That is they check for duplication, but not really for plagiarism in its true sense. Plagiarism is taking someone else’s writing, research, rephrasing it, and publishing it as original. Now no matter how smart a check plagiarism on line website may be, it’s difficult to trap similar content. But at least they do check for similar content, which has gone a long way in hindering plagiarism.

It does not take very long to check your work for any copy paste material, or for plagiarized material. Depending on the nature of your work, any web site will be able to help you and guide you. In fact technology has come a long way and there are a number of web sites that will check grammar mistakes, sentence structure and will give you alternate suggestions.

Web masters of check plagiarism on line sites are forever trying various methodologies to strengthen their plagiarism checking algorithms to make them as fool proof as possible. In this context there are some websites that run a free grammar check as well. On the flip side there are websites that advertise generating unique articles three copies of content. This makes it very difficult for a plagiarism checker to trap plagiarism. It’s really the responsibility of the website owner to ensure that the site does not contain plagiarized content.

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