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Today, obtaining arrest reports and criminal history profiles is no longer as arduous as it was before, especially in the state of Alabama. Each state in the country has different policies with regards to how they disseminate these types of documents to the public. Alabama police records, on the other hand, is not that hard to obtain, so long as the proper procedures are observed and requirements met. Whether it’s for a legal proceeding or simply for review purposes, as a free citizen and a member of the general public, you are entitled to gain access to public arrest reports and other pertinent data.

The main law enforcement agency that takes care of all criminal records in the Cotton State is the Alabama Department of Public Safety. It oversees the Criminal Justice Information Center in addition to the other agencies that include the State Highway Patrol and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. Of the three agencies, the Criminal Justice Information Center is the chief entity that disseminates criminal history profiles to civilians for legal and review purposes.

Criminal record searches in this office are conducted on a fingerprint based search only. For an individual to obtain his own records, he must first complete the appropriate request form and have his fingerprints taken at any local police station or law enforcement agency. A certified check or money order worth $25 will also be required as payment. The average amount of time needed to process each request normally takes around five to ten working days. Criminal records that can be accessed in this office include any dispositions, arrests, indictments, convictions, sentences, and releases that are connected to the requesters fingerprints.

Full access to complete criminal history profiles of third parties, on the other hand, is restricted to authorized entities, law enforcement, and approved government agencies only. However, a civilian can still request criminal background checks on other individuals through the Criminal Justice Information Center. In addition to its job of providing local, state, and federal agencies with criminal information for ongoing investigations, the office accepts civilian requests as well. Individuals can expect to receive a wide range of criminal data upon request, from non-violent misdemeanor cases to serious felony crimes like rape and manslaughter.

To make the most out of the service that is being offered by the Criminal Justice Information Center, individuals can take advantage of the online request process available at the agency’s official website from the comfort and safety of their own homes and offices. To know more about the procedures and requirements of the various services available, you can visit the Alabama Department of Public Safety’s website. There are also contact numbers listed in the website, as well as direct links to other government services and information databases.

Independently run online criminal data services are also effective sources of public police reports and criminal information. If you want access to a comprehensive criminal history database that doesn’t require lengthy procedures, a reputable online criminal record provider can do the job just as easily as any government service. For a reasonable one-time fee, you can perform unlimited criminal history searches on individuals from other states, not just in the state of Alabama. With this type of resource, criminal background checks will be just as easy as finding a specific website on Google.

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