Why You Should Take Your Kid To Baby Swimming Lessons In West Chester, PA

When kids are taught how to swim at a young age, they develop confidence and become good swimmers with time. There are swim classes for babies in different ages. Every baby has a great potential of becoming a good swimmer as long as they learn the skills needed to become one. Experts say that babies usually have a natural reflex of closing their epiglottis when they are under water but if they do not go through swimming instructions they will forget this natural skill. You can attend baby swimming lessons along with your kid in West Chester, PA to help them develop swim skills.

The classes are split into thirty minute sessions where each parent is actively involved. The swim instructor teaches you and help you pass the skills to your child. The classes are available for different age groups including between three to twelve months, one to two and two to three years. Swim instructors are patient with babies and guide them through all the steps required until they have learned and mastered the necessary skills.

There are three main steps that the child will pass through in the classes. The steps usually take time and babies can proceed to the subsequent step after mastering the skills in that step. The primary step entails basic skills where kids are taught to get used to the water environment and manage balance and movements. There are also taught how to submerge in water and basic breath control processes. Moreover, they are taught how to float and jump into the pool.

The second step is advanced and entails advanced breath control procedures. In this case, they are taught how to hold their breath and blow bubbles with the use of their mouth. They also get to know submerging and moving in water without help. In addition, this step involves unaided jumping in, floating or submersion in water.

The third step is where the babies learn to take full control of their breaths where they blow bubbles through the nose and mouth. In addition, they learn to kick independently, paddle and rotate. In this last step, they will acquire basic water confidence and safety measures they need to take.

There are several social and physical advantages of baby swim classes. In the social aspect, the bond between you and your kid is strengthened since you spend more time with them. In addition, there are several other parents and children you will meet at the classes. Your baby will interact with them and become social people. In the physical aspect, baby swim classes help in exercising muscles and improving body balance and coordination.

Cognitive skills are also gained from these swim classes. Their memory improves due to the gestures used to teach them in swimming. Their confidence is also boosted as they learn to float and hold their breaths while under water on their own. And also, as they undertake the classes, their fear is wiped away.

Finally, consider taking your child to baby swim lessons while they are still young. The will learn numerous skills that will be instrumental for swimming as well as other aspects of life. As they attend the classes, they may also develop a passion for swimming and in the future partake in competitions.

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