What One Can Learn From Boxing Classes North London

No matter where anyone would go in the world, he will see that boxing is one of the most well loved combat sports of all time. It is for this reason that a lot of people would want to take up boxing classes north London because it is both a good way to get in shape and learn some fighting skills. So if one would want to learn this fighting art, here are the things that will happen when he takes up lessons.

Of course in any sport, there are certain exercises that one would have to do in order to tone up the body and condition it for the workout. Now in boxing, one will be doing a lot of strength and muscle training like pull ups, weights, and others things that would build muscle mass. Of course he would also do a lot of cardio exercises too like running and jump rope so that he will have more powerful lungs.

Now after learning the different exercises for conditioning, the next thing that one will have to learn would be how to stand properly. The proper stance for this type of fighting art would be a side stance with the left leg in front assuming that the boxer is right handed. Of course his left hand is in front and his right hand is at the back.

Now the first punch that one will learn from his lessons would be the front hand jab. This front hand jab is often used to cover distance in order to make way for another move called the cross later on. Now the jab is just a light hit that would try to confuse the opponent before setting him up for a big blow.

The second attack is known as the cross and is usually done after the jab. Now the cross is a punch that would come from the hand that is at the back. The most common and effective combination in punching would be a lead hand jab and a back hand cross.

Once one has already perfected the cross, now would be to time to learn the uppercut. For those who do not know, the uppercut is a punch that would project upwards from the ground aiming for the chin of the opponent. Now if one would want to do this move, he has to bend his legs a little and then deliver a blow from the ground.

The next advanced punch that one will be learning would be the hook which is the punch that would create most knock outs. Now this punch would be coming from the back hand and is done after a small jab. Now what makes this punch powerful is that it uses the entire twisting of the waist in order to throw a powerful blow.

Now these are the basic things that a beginner boxer would be learning in his first few days of classes. Now do remember that if one does not master these basic moves, he will not be able to move on to more advanced ones. So one has to perfect all of these if he would want to move on to the next lessons.

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