The USAC Sprint Car Racing Series

The United States Auto Club or USAC is one of the permitted bodies in the United States for an auto racing. For few years, it support the United States National championship and today it also supported the Indianapolis 500. Nowadays, the usac sprint car racing series provides a full support for these series, which includes the Ignite ethanol fuel, National Midget, National sprint car and the silver crown series.

The most common power generated automobiles are sprint cars. They are commonly designed with special features to have in running to a paved, short oval or circular dirt tracks. These are most the most popular type of car in South Africa, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It also consist a speed ratio of 140 miles per hour.

It also composed amount of outputs that reached up to 1,100 horsepower of the machines. For several years, safety measures have been improved to protect the drivers. The Indy car and NASCAR drivers are generally using the sprint cars as their stepping stone to reach in a high level of division.

The improvement in this competition has been developed and comes up with new safety regulations imposed to most racers. Most of the cars have been installed wings for the protection of the drivers. There are also fuel tank bladders to prevent fuel leakage and a safety harness for a newbie or for younger drivers. Wearing driving gloves are also required.

There are also other requirements for equipments like the helmets, the use of an arm restraint system, headrest mandatory, a rock screen for the roll cage and the automobiles must also have a neck and head restraint system. These become a mandatory for all drivers to protect them and to keep away from danger.

Since then, there are already two types of sprinting cars, the non winged and the winged type. The first winged automobile was produced in 1958 and drivers have installed the wings since then. The wings maximizes the automobile force and helps to control its direction. It provides each sideboard to turn the vehicle to the corners. It also maximizes the traction of the vehicle to keep it in an easier and fast mode.

The wings are also safety and it lessen the risk to airborne. Once a vehicle goes airborne, most of the wings are broken and penetrate the impact of a sudden movement. It gives protection to the driver when there are some accidents. Teams are sometimes changed their wings for every stoppage and replace it once the race resumed.

Most non winged automobiles are popular in Australia. These wingless vehicles are also called as nos sprints. It is usually a power generated six cylinder engine and it can reach a 180 kilometer per hour speed. It has a similar body structure like a sprinting car and the only difference is the absence of the wings.

The organization is also considering the welfare of all participants in an event. Thus, they make sure that the safety guidelines are properly followed by them. This is an assurance that very driver is safe while enjoying the track.

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