Seven Essential Pieces of Running Equipment

Running does not require any specific equipment such as other training regimes all you really need is a pair of running shoes. But if you want to ensure you have the best chance of performing to your best there is some running equipment which you may consider getting.

However you should bear in mind that any old fancy equipment may help you perform better but the equipment is not going to run and train for you. The only person who can improve your overall fitness and progress is you yourself from constant running and training.

1. Running Shoes

Running shoes are the most obvious piece of equipment you should spend some time choosing. One of the best ways to find yourself a good pair of running shoes is to go to a specialist running store; this is because you can ask one of the store assistants for help in finding the perfect pair of running shoes.

2. Running Clothes

Unless you are planning on going out wearing only your running shoes it is a good idea to pick yourself up some comfortable running clothes. Now you can either buy some designed running clothing which fits tightly around you to help make the most out of your movement, or some jogging bottoms it’s all down to your preference.

3. Knee Support

If you have had any history of knee injury’s it is always wise to purchase a knee support, this will reduce the chances of knee injuries massively. This can also help with your confidence as many people are afraid to push themselves to higher levels due to dangers of injury.

4. Hat and Gloves

Although I love the sun and the warm weather of summer I never leave the house without my hat, this stops me from getting sun burn, while also stopping the rain from dripping in my eyes if I get caught in rain. In winter I always leave the house with some gloves on, it is a fact that areas of your body furthest away from your heart will become cold really easy, keeping your hands and feet warm will give you the sense you are warm.

5. Running Bottle

Keep yourself hydrated is important if you want to run at your best, when you are running for more than 30 minutes this is even more important. The other benefit of a running bottle is the fact you can put an energy drink into it which will give you that extra boost while running.

6. Gradient Watches

A great motivational method is to check your progress a gradient watch can help you with that. Some watches even have a GPS monitoring system installed capable of tracking your current location.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not important; however I find them useful for early mornings when your eyes have not adjusted to the sun light. They also offer minor protection against objects flying in your eyes, and of course the sun.

All these devices are really simple and don’t require a university degree to use, you may feel like you don’t need the whole list and you are right, pick what you feel comfortable with.

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