Ideal Runners Diet

Most people dont pay much attention to their diet unless they are training for a Marathon. However, proper diet is a major factor in determining how well run and always must be an integral part of your training.

The principle of basic training

First let’s look at a basic principle of endurance sports, it is a fact that your muscles will become stronger the more you do an activity, and its important to note when your muscles are sore you should give them time to heal and continue with easy workouts. So training hard does make your muscles stronger however without going soft the following days you will not notice results (hard/soft/hard/soft).

Now physiologists have debated for a long time that if you eat carbohydrates after a hard training session you will recover quicker. latest tests have shown that if you consume extra protein your muscles will recover even faster. Eat protein/CARB combination within one hour after running to give yourself the best results.

Eat before you run

Generally speaking you will perform better with a lighter stomach. However, if your running will last more than an hour, you need to eat something in advance to ensure you provide your body with its much needed fuel, your liver controls your blood sugar but that is limited so if you can eat something (very light) before long workouts, this will keep you going. For example, I eat a piece of toast with cheese prior to my long workout on Saturday. However everyone is different some people might be able to eat loads before a run, while other people cant stomach any food before a run.

What to eat

As you guessed its true that you do not have to eat a healthy balanced diet to run, but the benefits of doing so will show in your running performance.

Here are some dietary guidelines:

* Eat balanced amounts of carbohydrates, protein and (Yes!) monounsaturated fat as possible

* Eat more carbohydrates, if you increase your training

* Not over-eat and do not skip meals.Particularly important is the breakfast.

* Try to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

* Avoid junk “food if you can.

The recommended calories

Here are some figures of what a healthy active runner should be aiming to consume in relation to their calorie intake. A running should be aiming to eat :

-50-65% carbohydrates

-15-25% fat

-20-25% protein.

If you follow these bookmarks you will not only perform better you will start to feel better as well!

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