How to Determine Your Foot Type

Finding the right running shoes for your needs is one of the most important tasks you will embark on as a runner, what the majority of people do not realise when looking for running shoes is that we all have different shaped feet. If you try on a running shoe and buy it just because it slipped onto your foot you need to be wary of future injuries. You should have a rough idea of what you are actually looking to buy before you go out shopping, otherwise you may suffer from common injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, black toenails, knee and hip pain, and many more needlessly enough to say not a very nice list.

Determine Your Foot Type

Before you go to some of your favourite stores shopping, please take a moment to carry out some tests to determine your foot type. To do this you can simply take a footprint of yourself stepping on a wet brown paper bag, once you have done this check out what your foot print looks like. You may fall into the following categories normal arc, flat feet, or a high arch.

Flat arch is when your arch falls to far inward; this means you are overpronating which can cause injury if you don’t have the right running shoes. If you have a high arch it means that your arch does not actually fall inward enough which means you ware an underpronator. This means that you absorb too much of the shock from your feet landing on the ground due to the fact your whole foot is not sharing the shock.

So, How Does This Help Me?

Well as you might now know your foot type, you can buy your running shoes which are tailored for your particular foot type. If you have a normal arch you don’t have to look to much into the specifics as you are only looking to buy supportive shoes. If you have flat feet you need to find running shoes which have motion control, this type of shoe stops your arch from moving too much. If you have an high arch you need to find running shoes with a soft midsole, this is due to the fact the soft midsole stimulates pronation so that the shock is absorbed properly.

I Still Don’t Know My Foot Type

If you are still not sure what your foot type is, you don’t have to worry go to your local running shoes store where they can figure what foot type you are from a foot scan. This can be tested in a few ways the main way being producing a heat map of your footprint, however they may also watch how you run on a treadmill, and some shops may ask you to step on a glass surface with a mirror below it which will allow the specialist to figure out your foot type.

Your Running Shoes – Get On The Internet

So you know your foot type and you’re to buy some running? Than the Internet can be a great place to get your running shoes bargain prices. There are plenty of online running stores where you can have a look at their running shoes. Most stores offer a great range and their discount section is always filled with a large selection of offers.

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