What To Include In A 72 Hour Emergency Kit

These days, there is really no telling when a disaster strikes. Sometimes, people get enough warning to prepare for it ahead of time, sometimes, they just hit when nobody expects them to. Of course, making sure that you are able to survive one is essential. Since it will probably take rescuers around three days to reach were you are rescue you, having a 72 hour emergency kit is very handy.

Most of the disaster management organizations around have united in saying that when people plan ahead of disasters, they should prepare for having stuff for the next three days. It takes this much time for rescuers to reach them ideally. So, having everything ready until then is going to help increase your survival.

People should invest on food items as well as water supplies. These food items should be none perishables, so getting canned ones may be the most ideal for this process. Pet food should be included if you happen to have furry friends in the house. Water supply is critical as well. Have lots of them. Also, supplements and vitamins are going to be good additions to your list.

Have the supplies that will allow you to cook even when powers are down. Have the necessary devices that will let you get enough light too. It is even better if you will focus on items that are going to be water proof just to be sure that they will stay working despite being soaked in water or snow. Have lots of jackets, blankets, sweaters and other warm stuff handy too.

You need to have medical supplies as well as first aid items too. There is always a possibility of having some family members getting injured and needing some medical attention, having the right medicines and the right supplies to treat wounds and injuries is going to be very comforting especially when immediate medical care is not available.

Have a good disaster plan too. You should have briefed the entire family on what it is that they need to do when things like these strike. They should be briefed on where to go to and what steps they have to make if they end up getting separated from you. Having tools like maps. Disaster books, and GPS would be helpful in these situations as well.

You might need to get your very own self defense devices too. If you need to be out in the open the whole time, camping out, and waiting to be rescued, you might be prone to wild animals and even attacks from fellow humans. So, having something that you can use to defend yourself helps. Also, don’t miss out on sanitation items such as tissues, wipes, and sanitary bags.

When buying the items that are to get included in your 72 hour emergency kit, never opt for cheap ones. You actually need high quality products that are expected to work and function when the times are rough. Also, when storing food items, check their expiration date and change them regularly so they stay fresh when the time comes for you to need and require them.

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