Front Sight Firearm Training Courses

The possession of a firearm with no knowledge on how best to use it makes it more dangerous. Front Sight sharpens the skills of pros, advances those of intermediaries and introduces amateurs to the firearm handling. Their courses are accredited and delivered by highly skilled individuals who fully understand firearms.

The courses are open to individuals and institutions with licenses to hold firearms. The courses are classified according to the needs of each individual. They include introduction, general firearm handling, accuracy and self defense tactics. The design of each course depends on the needs of the enrolled student. Self defense for civilians requires a different approach compared to pros like military and security firms.

The environment is welcoming and calm which makes it comfortable to those who enroll. It is accommodative of the needs of ladies and persons of advanced age. There are no drills or any boot camp mentality approach to training. This allows every participant to feel comfortable and grasp the concepts in question.

Expectations upon completion of the course determine the content each module. Hand gun handlers are given different skills compared to those whose environment involves rifles. It takes between two and four days to complete simple courses. There are options for evening and night classes depending on convenience of the student.

There are special courses on family safety. They target children and the youth living in environments where guns are a common place. They are conducted on daily basis or structured to resemble a camp that may also be held at night.

Instructors are taken through special training where special attention is paid to delivery of firearm handling skills. Their courses tackle more topics about a wider range of weapons. This allows them to train handlers of shotguns, machine guns and rifles. They graduate with certificates and skills that enable them to work with a wider range of ammunition.

Martial arts form part of the packages offered in the institution. The students are entered into different classes depending on level of previous exposure. Emphasis is given to fighters on empty hands and those with edged weapons.

Armorer courses are designed for those handling such weapons as 1911 pistol, glock pistol, Springfield XD pistol and AR15 rifle. These classes take one intensive day to complete. Rope and rappel classes take between two and four days depending on level of skills required. They include advanced classes for skill builders.

Private sessions are designed for individuals who are not interested in public exposure. The sessions are designed to equip you with necessary skills away from the public eye. There are proper facilities for such a plan. Celebrity training is available to sensitive individuals like diplomats and executives to ensure that they are fully in-charge of their security.

Another crucial part of security training involves defensive driving. The driver is able to handle risky situations with or without a firearm. This ensures that the vehicle does not end up in an accident. The tutors for all sessions are highly skilled, qualified and accredited professionals. They possess extensive theoretical and practical knowledge. Graduating students have the confidence to feel safe in any environment.

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