Knowing About Golf And Its Uniqueness

Golf is one of the most misunderstood sports in the world. When one thinks of sports, such activity must entail higher physical performance. Common people who catch a glimpse of a golf competition wouldn’t find the event very athletic in nature.

Golf can never appeal to the sensibilities of viewers who do not possess keener scenic perception. What made golf very different from other sports is that players are not the only ones being emphasized as competitors. Unlike other sports, golf does not have a fixed steady platform and limited space; thus rendering players to grapple mostly with the environmental impediments.

Another factor that led to the misconstrued nature of golf being a tedious sporting affair is the landscape venue. It’s easy to imagine the venue as an amusement park where elderly people appreciate nature’s beauty, rather than a place for competition. The peaceful aura of the venue does not immediately coincide with popular expectation of what sports are.

When mainstream sports audiences consider golf not athletic due to its easy-going tempo, such an observation is highly inaccurate. Contrary to popular belief, golf can be the most physically exhausting sport one might decide to do. Obviously, the vastness of the venue is not something to be underestimated.

Common people often mistake strength for simple aerobic hyperactivity or lean muscular physique. It is even amusing how the non-martial nature of golf is often associated for the player’s perceived lack of physical shape. However, repetitive swinging of the club against a ball to be thrust for miles into the air develops the muscles in the arms and the abdomen.

Hitting a tiny ball with a metal club may sound difficult enough, but one has not yet scratched the surface when it comes to the real challenges entailed in playing golf. If one would think about it, golf is like a radical insane transition of the dynamics of basketballs “ball shooting”. Unlike the former, the latter requires the player to hurl the ball from a hundred yards over hills, sand pockets and waterholes, and put it inside the fist-sized hole on a bannered ground.

In golf, the player does not only have to negotiate with the irregularities of the terrain, he or she also needs to consider the quirkiness of the atmosphere. The wind can play a drastic change of outcome after a player’s swing. The flight of the ball determines whether the player is closer to or further from victory. No one can control the wind but the wind can always steer the ball’s flight wherever it chooses.

The sport called golf may be rarely understood by many, but those who truly appreciate it do possess tremendous passion. Golf is more like a “man vs. natural elements” sport rather than “man vs. man” physical contest. One can never underestimate the enormous task of being in harmony with nature, which is one of the most important aspects of golf as a sport.

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