Turkeys’ Two Monopoly: Spor Toto and iddaa

Spor Toto is the public foundation in Turkey which controls the betting sector.Spor Toto was established in 1977.This institution has become the supervisor that inspects 8 billion dollars in a year. Spor Toto and betting companies related to it like iddaa, also canalize the sport in addition to money in the expanding betting sector. About 40 Million dollars in a day! And this amount keeps rising every day.

People might take a prison sentence or penalty if they bet on foreign betting web sites according to laws in Turkey.And also Spor Toto blocks these web sites with a court decision if they don’t have a gambling licence .There is a one government that is Turkey forbid people to bet on the internet.

Spor Toto’s last year revenue was 2 billion dollars that was maden owing to the iddaa which is the biggest betting company in Turkey. This amount refers to %0.2 of Turkeys’ 2009 GPD.

According to the Spor Totos’ end of year report, a half of this revenue was announced as a net profit and the other half as a bonus dealed to winners.This is a great profit maden by a public establishment.Isn’t it?

Spor Toto’s 2007 report show that 2.225.874.441 coupons were played by İddaa and this number has been rising every year.According to their expectation, this number will come up to 4 billion in 2010 and it seems to be they will achieve this.

Who bet in Turkey are generally between the age of 18-45 and big part of it is male.That sub limit might be 12-13 years old if it isn’t be forbidden to bet for under 18. These children request their older to play their coupons and unfortunately there is no one says no to them.

Consequently, Spor Toto which is public institution and its’ related betting company iddaa act as a Monopoly in Turkey.These power let them to supervise sport and money.These two foundation have rights to punish people with a penalty or prison sentence and block foreign betting web sites.

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