Intuition as a Science Regarding the Poker Mind

In order to determine the thought processes of your opponent, it would help to read their minds. But not being a mind reader, are there any seminars or classes offered on the subject? Not really and even if there were you are not going to learn the psychology of your opponents neurosis from a class. If you were able to, this is still no guarantee of winning.

Strategy is more basic to poker than psychoanalysis. But strategy is only the first step on your way to fame and fortune. “Reading” your opponents’ minds is the key to smart play, but such “reading” does not require you to listen to the other’s life story.

Outstanding players, like outstanding artists, don’t get that way from reading a manual. They progress intuitively, summoning their powers of observation, diligently practiced and enhanced over a period of many years.

This is not merely the reason why so few good technical manuals on poker psychology exist. This is also possibly the most key point about the issue: whatever tips you may find on the net or in books, you will never be able to put them to much good use unless you have that touch of intuition which puts your thought processes beyond the reach of your opponents.

If the game could be played based on principles, it would be boiled down to predictions, simple or complex depending upon the variables by use of a computer program. Actually, this is the approach of amateurs and the not-so-gifted players – the ones that mostly lose.

The talented player, on the other hand, disdains crude cribs. Instead, they make their own observations about their own play and about that of others. Guided by their own intuition, they then combine those observations into principles according to their own whim and fancy. The resulting strategy is known only to them. The more talented the player is, the more complex (or ingeniously simple, which is basically the same thing) and idiosyncratic his secret strategy, making him less vulnerable.

Artists and good poker players do not reveal their secrets. They may give advice or even write books on their art, but they will never reveal what really sets them apart. Remember this, they did not achieve their lofty peaks by relying on someone else’s tips.

It would seem that the most vital element in becoming a master artist in any genre is commitment to study and practice to develop one’s own observational skills and imagination by engaging in the activity in which you want to become great. In this way you will be independent in your thoughts and actions and master the ability to do your thing in a way that is uniquely your own. Only you are privy to the minute details of your “thing.”

By far the best bluffers of the game are those who do it with regularity in a manner that prohibits anyone at the table from deciphering the bluff. This requires a strong intuition developed by lots of practice and known only to them.

You will have to work hard to develop your unique manner of play. Even more difficult though is to have the courage and independence to use your carefully developed imagination in successful ways while sometimes appearing idiotic. This personal quirk will lead to a spirit of discovery and innovation that will set you ahead of the pack.

All of us have intuition. Few of us have the persistence and wherewithal to aggressively fine tune it and use it, and use it often. This is something everyone has to work on by himself. While everyone has intuition, that intuition is unique to the individual.

What I have written about here calls for a lifetime commitment. Nobody who was ever considered a master at his craft, whatever that may be, was given that title. They worked long and hard and on their own and they earned it.

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