Metal Garages The Way To Go

Duramax have been providing building products and storage buildings in the United States since 1983. While most of their emphasis in on manufacturing vinyl sheds and other outdoor vinyl products like fencing and patio systems. They also make top quality galvanized metal garages and DIY storage buildings. The metal garage from Duramax is available in 3 sizes with the option to extend your building by purchasing a 6 feet extension kit at any time.

In days of old folks settled for wooden type buildings for this job that usually cost a lot more and take a lot longer install on your property. There are many advantages to purchasing a metal garage over traditional wooden structures. Mainly they are designed for DIY home install, they require little or no maintenance and they look timeless sitting in any backyard.

The modular design of metal garage kits makes it really handy to install and it is always possible to replace a panel if your shed gets damages by a tree in a storm. All parts a numbered and can be purchased individually from any decent Duramax dealer.

Secondly once you have a level concrete base to place it on, the assembly process is fairly straight forward as all parts are numbered and can be easily referenced from the installation manual that comes with your diy garage kit. This starts by first setting out and squaring the perimeter rail that receives all upright wall panels and proceeding with roof installation. The whole process goes in a step by step sequence until the last screw goes in place and that’s it, you’re done.

A standard metal garage from Duramax is 12 feet wide by 20 feet long. They also make a 26 foot long and a 32 foot long garage that both offer substantial storage space ranging from 240 sq. feet up to 384 sq. feet. While there are larger buildings on the market these Duramax metal garages are sufficient for most average home users and do not impose too much on your existing home. Their neutral colors allows them to blend into most environments.

The front roll up door comes at 74 inches high and 98 inches wide allowing easy access for trucks or regular autos. The building also has a small pedestrian side door that proves useful for quick access in and out for tools etc. These doors can be padlocked ensuring a secure storage unit and peace of mind.

Unlike many of the cheaper imported sheds available these the roof structure on all Duramax metal garages consists of heavy duty galvanized steel purlins that offer excellent strength and rigidity that will stand up to all weathers. They carry a snow rating of 20 lbs per sq. ft. and when fixed down to the base will withstand a wind rating of 115 mph.

So why buy a duramax metal garage, well simple they come at a great price offering excellent value for money, they are pretty much maintenance free with their galvanized metal structure that will last for years unlike a wooden building, they are designed for DIY installation saving you thousands of dollars and you will have a great feeling of achievement when you install your very own garage without having to call in a contractor to do the job. It’s a no brainer….!

IF you would like to find out more about metal garage kits, then visit our new “Storage Shed Reviews” YouTube channel and get up to date reviews, learn how to choose the best diy garage kits for your needs.

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