Impressive Quality With Xikar Xi1 Cigar Cutters

For smokers in search of a fine quality, and finely designed cigar cutter, the xikar xi1 is going to deliver on all fronts. Featuring a pointy stainless-steel blade, a fully loaded spring, and encased in a black colored aluminum body, you will expect the sharpest cut. You are also gonna get an ergonomic design style, which makes it easy to hold the cigar cutter in the hand, and easily cut the tip of any cigar, size, or shape, when you are ready to smoke your favorite cigar brands on the market.

An unbeatable lifetime warranty

Not only is it crafted using the best material quality, plus a finely constructed body, the xikar xi1 cigar cutter also is included with a lifetime warranty. If for any reason the spring decides to stop working, or you have an issue with the blade itself, you may either have it replaced, or you will get a brand new cutter at no extra cost to you when you choose to purchase from this recognized manufacturer.

The best job for cutting any cigar

You can easily cut through the thickest cigar with its efficient cutting blade, an ergonomic design, and its quality stainless steel. Cutting through the thickest cigars has never been easier with an easy to use and simple to hold handle. The black aluminum design is also going to make for a good looking cigar cutter, as well as a durable product that can withstand use for extended periods of time.

A blade that lasts

You will enjoy several years of use because of the sharpest blade, and an ergonomic design that may retain the blades quality for a long time to come. Regardless of how often you smoke, or what sort of cigars you smoke, the xikar xi1 will give you the sharpest cut, and will cut your cigar right down to a perfect size anytime you put it to use.

Ease of use

The xikar xi1 is perfect for both left and right handed users, resulting from its ergonomic design. Being that it’s going to fit into your hands easily, you can hold it in a way that may be very comfortable for you personally, therefore which makes it quite easy to work with in any situation. It does not require a high degree of dexterity for you to have the ability to cut through any cigar; with this device, you can cut, and you may easily cut through the thickest cigars, with one swipe from the sharp blade.

This series of cigar cutters offers you the best quality aluminum, and the sharpest stainless steel blade, with a very economical price inside the market. Those searching for a cigar cutter that is easy to use, easy to cut with, and is extremely reasonably priced, will not need to look any further as it is an ideal choice. When you choose to buy from the xikar line of products, you will quickly and easily cut through, and start to smoke your preferred cigar, due to its quality design, and the heavy duty blade.

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