Here’s How I Misplaced My iPhone Charger on Vacation

Recently I went with my family to the Bahamas for a 7 day vacation. All 5 of us – me, my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sister – went together. This might sound like a nice gesture on my parent’s part, but think about the fact that all of us were expected to spend every second of the day together and be cramped in a tiny hotel room. After thinking of it that way, it’s much more likely that this vacation would end in a disaster. But my mom wanted me to stay positive. She said to stop expecting the worst outcome and just go with the flow. I wanted to keep my mom happy because this was here only week of vacation time from her job until winter, so I decided to suck it up and just enjoy the trip. But things changed when I lost my iPhone charger before we even made it to the Bahamas.

It might not seem like a big deal, but I just got my iPhone and I’ve started to depend on it for a lot lately. I didn’t actually realize that my iPhone charger was gone until I started unpacking all my stuff later that night. I started off very calm because I figured it would turn up by the time I finished emptying my bag. Maybe it was just stuck on the bottom or it got lost in one of the many pockets of my luggage. But that didn’t happen.

My parents heard me throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the hotel room, so they came to see what the problem was. When I explained to them that my charger was gone, they didn’t seem too concerned. They were so nonchalant about it – just buy another charger here. They said that I should look into I luv, a company that sells iPhone accessories. But what if I couldn’t find a new charger by the time my phone died? What was I supposed to do without a phone for 7 days?

I knew that I had to find a store that carried iPhone chargers, but we didn’t know where anything was yet. We spent the whole next day by the pool at the hotel, so I just tried my best to conserve my phone’s battery while I was waiting for a more permanent solution to my troubles. I looked for clocks around to check the time instead of using my phone, and I also didn’t spend too much time using all the apps on my phone because I knew that would drain the battery quicker. But I had a plan – the next day I would ask the hotel manager for directions to the closest store that carried iPhone chargers.

When I asked the hotel manager about stores nearby that would carry an iPhone charger, he seemed willing to help. He actually had a list of all the retail stores that were nearby the hotel. There were a lot of clothing stores on the list, but after going through all the listings, I finally found one that looked promising, Best Buy. I ran back up to my room to get my parents and my dad agreed to come with me to the store to get the charger now. I couldn’t wait any longer. We were back with my charger in under an hour, and after that I was content and ready to truly enjoy the rest of our vacation. Hopefully, I will never run into this problem again.

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