Why Buy The Animal Boogie By Barefoot Books?

An out and out best selling interactive children’s book, The Animal Boogie is one of the flagship books produced by creative independent publishers Barefoot Books

So what makes The Animal Boogie so popular?

It is so addictive!

Even as I write this I can hear myself humming the tune and jiggling my foot. It is an instant addictive hit!

You will never have so much fun together, as a family

Barefoot recommend this book for children aged 3 to 7. This is not true. My daughter had this when she was 2 and still loves it at 6 . On top of that 3 generations have been up and doing the ‘boogie, oogie, woogie’, including a 70+ great grandmother!

Be warned though that once played it will stick with you for a very long time. Be prepared to play it in the car on long journeys to pass the time. It certainly beats arguments and the eventual boredom of I spy. The miles just fly by.

This is such a fabulous join in book for parties, nursery groups and childminders as it is so easy to do.

There is no right or wrong way to dance. Do your own thing, stamping like an elephant or slithering like a snake, jigging and singing your way through the jungle. If you are brave enough there is the musical score in the back. Get everyone together and have a go.

Whatever your situation you can take part in some way. No one is excluded and that is the great thing about this book. read, listen dance or do all three.

Just a great, colourful and fun adventure.

The book is filled with full colour illustrations that are bright and beautiful. Each animal is accompanied by a different child. Each child is from a different ethnic background or culture. The publishers have really thought about this as well as there is also a girl in a wheelchair. You really can boogie and have fun whatever your race, creed or physical situation. There is something for everyone.

The all inclusive, fun and colourful nature of The Animal Boogie by Barefoot Books makes it one of the best children’s books I have come across in a long time. Certainly it won’t gather dust in a cornet in our house.

For a full Animal Boogie Review Rachel at http://www.my-barefootbooks.com

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