Pan Am Flight 103 Air Crash Investigation Conclusions

The Pan Am flight 103 came down at Lockerbie in Scotland on it way from Frankfurt to Detroit via London. Investigations into the disaster took detectives and aviation experts across twenty countries. The death toll according to Pan Am Flight 103 air crash investigation report totaled 270. Of this number, 259 were on-board while 11 died on the ground. Preliminary findings and eventual conclusion pointed at a bomb attack.

Experts concluded that at the time of the explosion, the plane must have been traveling at a height of 31,000 feet. Libya took the blame for the act which was termed at terrorism. The debris was reassembled in a warehouse to establish the cause of this disaster. It is considered the worst attack in the history of American aviation. A lot of media attention was focused on every small detail of these investigations.

Evidence presented by prosecutors implicated Libyans in the terror attack. Two of her citizens went on trial for acts of terrorism. They were Abdel Baset and Khalifa Al-Amin. The evidence presented was used to set Khalifa free but Abdel was sentenced to life in prison. It was claimed that the plane was brought down under instructions from the Libyan authorities. Libya was slapped with a 2.7 billion dollar compensation bill for aiding the terrorists.

Investigations were led by UK Air Accident Investigation Branch. This is the body responsible for accidents within the UK air space. Over 4 million pieces of debris were gathered in the course of investigations. The debris was scattered over 2000 square kilometers. Computers were used in simulation and labeling of parts collected as evidence.

Claims that terrorists were involved shifted the focus of investigating teams. The chemical compounds that were found on site included RDX and PETN. The type of explosion witnessed was said to be Semtex. The teams involved in these investigations included FBI, local police and Scotland Yard. Frankfurt was suspected to be the loading port for the bomb.

American interest into the investigations was heightened by the number of Americans who died in the disaster. Of the 270 who perished, 189 were Americans. This was the worst attack on her citizens and would only be overtaken by the 9/11 attack years later. Evidence presented during investigations was collected from about 15,000 people with 180,000 pieces being presented as exhibits. 3,500 photos were taken on the scene. It is considered the most expensive inquiry in the history of aviation.

The total expenditure for the process crocked 60 million dollars. Those invited to testify were 230 with the court transcripts adding up to 10,000 pages. The trail period lasted 89 days, a new record in the industry. Libyan authorities claimed that though they agreed to pay the cost of damage, they had been used as scapegoats and were not the culprits. The other theory implicated Palestinians with Libya reading political malice in the conclusion.

Iran was said to harbor a grudge against America for killing 290 of her citizens in the Persian Gulf sometime back. This was a reason enough to cause them to bring down the plane. Libya conceded to the blame and paid compensation after suctions were imposed. Such turn of events and variety of theories make it difficult to find the truth about this disaster.

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