Book Review: The Music is Written

Tatiana Pietrzak’s The Music is Written is a riveting compilation of poetry that strives to journey into the world of music, sounds, and rhythm. Pietrzak’s subject selection for her poetry is intriguing because of the dynamic between poetry and music. Throughout the poems in the book, Pietrzak sends one message, loud and clear: the expression of music is beautiful, soothing, and can be found hiding in the unlikeliest of places.

The Music is Written is an inspirational endeavor for all aspiring musicians, young and old, and essentially teaches the audience to feel music in every vein of life. The unique aspect of this collection is that the reader is essentially the main character and can relate to what is being written. By leaving out a natural speaker and not identifying a main character, Pietrzak spins an intricate web between the individual, his/her environment, and music.

The goal of The Music is Written is to affect the reader, to elicit an emotional response from the audience. It also plays off the relationship between nature and civilization, and how music ultimately has an ethereal, almost transcendental quality.

The poems themselves exhibit a variety of characteristics, ranging from frenetic motion sounds and blissful rhythm to delivering a soothing, spiritual effect. “The Concerto,” is one that resonates strongly, combining the soft images of butterfly wings and instrumental winds, as well as images of death and fury. Most interesting is how the pace of Pietrzak’s poetry adjusts seamlessly to its tone.

The Music is Written features a grand total of thirty-three poems, broken down into transitioning sections: “On Music,” “Nature and Civilization,” “You,” and “Eternal.” Ultimately, the poems arrive to their final destination: everlasting harmony. In fact, Pietrzak’s The Music is Written shows how music is instrumental in establishing harmony between man and himself, civilization, and nature. The book is available at

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