Book Review: Pun-Unciate

I briefly considered spidering the Internet to find the find the wiser man or woman who opined on “the pun” more scathingly than I could do with my eyes clothed. Maybe I don’t know what a pun is; that was considerably closer to a bad joke that ridicules people with lisps. Samuel Clemens was certain there were “three types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics”. Until earlier today, I was sure there were only “three types of puns: bad puns, worse puns, and a room that falls silent to the still louder type of silence. A “wah-wah” from a 1960’s BBC comedy.”

It needn’t be that bad. In fact the pun can be a lighthearted stab at the absurdity of life itself. An absurdity that in a room full of people you don’t know, you find yourself consciously trying to hide the source of your unexpected chortle. “Chortle people!!”

A shameful surprised guffaw, if people in the 21st century still guffaw, needn’t make you self-conscious. In fact, continue to read Pun-Unciate. Actually, place Heath E. Morrison’s Pun-Unciate in every waiting area across the land. Waiting areas need more than a now defunct Reader’s Digest as much as our lives need a clean honest rib poke. Let this collection of Mr. Morrison’s observations, dissections, and leers into the lexicon of our language rise above and be enjoyed. “Hallelujah!! The Pun!!!”

Thankfully the puns in this anthology are not your great Aunt’s Catskill puns, but rather, an almost Steven Wright-like look into the basic components of a word or two–without the laugh track or the vacationing seniors. Heath Morrison is a sharp guy and a funny one as well. We like to take life too seriously, and I love that the humor of this book helps us embrace this while recognizing our folly.

Pun-Unciate will make you groan, but it will also make you accept the core of you that just needs to chuckle at the words we use without a second thought. The book can be ordered at,, and almost everywhere books are sold.

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