Book Review: He’s the Pen, I’m the Paper

Are you suffering? Do you have more than your share of problems? Big problems? Do you hate your life? Do wish things could be better? Are you searching for answers, but you just don’t know where to turn? Do you feel like you’re all alone with no way out?

Well, you’re not alone. Many people are suffering, and most people have problems. Some even hate their lives, and they’re miserable every second of every minute. Richard Shane Reinert, author of He’s the Pen, I’m the Paper, might just be the help you’ve been looking for. Reinert believes you can free your life with words. To that end, he’s written two hundred Christian poems that are designed to provide you with consolation, encouragement, and perspective.

Reinert maintains that we all make mistakes and that we all have worries, fears, and problems. He doesn’t try to wave his magic wand and make them all go away. Instead, he reminds us – his readers – that God is there. And if we’ll just realize God’s presence through the power of words, we’ll find the peace that God so desires for us all.

As Reinert writes in “How Many People Really Find Peace?”–Just enjoy the peace.
He’s the Pen, I’m the Paper is, in its simplest sense, a book of spiritual concepts and faith-based techniques for people who are slumping in life. Reinert’s enthusiasm takes the reader’s faith into another realm, in which faith and poetry combine into a state of mind, a state of powerful spiritual awareness. It allows for a look of the inner self that believers call “the soul.”

Reinert’s book is jubilant. It’s more than an instruction book. It’s a book that evokes feelings and brings about hope. It’s about allowing God to write on your heart; it’s about being alive. It’s a field guide to encouragement, composed of inspiring, short poetic meditations on scenes and events in everyday life. The power of words arranged in verse sparks a new way of seeing life and experiencing God.

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