Concerning Web Hosting

Web hosting, in simple terms, is a service that allows individuals, companies and other organizations to store information in remote server such that it is always accessible through internet. Information for the purpose of web hosting can be text, audio (like song and music), image, video (film, animation, etc.) and all those that can be transmitted via web.

Web hosting company provides space for the storage as well as getting information in servers, that may or may not be theirs. Usually, web hosting server is located in data center that likewise accommodates communication devices needed in order to connect the server online.

1. Disk Space

The same as normally storing data on your computer’s hard disk, web hosting company will give space, which is known as disk space, in web hosting server where you are going to upload and place your information that could be accessed by all people. Ensure that the disk space offered as part of web hosting service is sufficient for your needs.


Higher bandwidth in web hosting will certainly allow more amount of visits at any given time. Bear in mind though that if there is unprecedented traffic to your website, the web hosting provider will automatically resort to making queues. In this instance, those who are standing at the back might not be able to reach your web page for the reason that the time arranged by the web hosting server for every request would have expired prior when their turns come.

Control Panel

At the heart of web hosting service is control panel. Many times, inexpensive web hosting does not incorporate access to control panel. This is not advisable since unless you’ve got access to the control panel of your web hosting, you will not be aware or be able to control a lot of important information. A control panel in web hosting is nothing but a browser-based interface provided as part of web hosting service, whereby you can monitor your website. Notable among what you can do in web hosting control panel are access to log files and analysis, configure email setting if preferred, manage database if in use and monitor FTP user account(s). You will also be able to view spare and used disc space and bandwidth of your web hosting account.

*Other Concerns It is really important to carry out a random check on the web hosting provider’s credentials. First of all, see if the main frame computer as well as web hosting server match the latest market standards when it comes to the speed of the processor, server space, data accessibility, server uptime, and many more. Secondly, see if you can rely on your web hosting provider. To confirm this, read through the comments and feedbacks given by the other clients.

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