A Long Island Advertising Agency’s Tips On Changing Logos

It wasn’t until recently that Google changed its logo, allowing it to take up more of a chalk-like aesthetic. To say that this change grabbed the attention of the general public would be an understatement, especially those who frequently use this search engine. Logos are to be altered in certain ways, as I am sure that any Long Island advertising agency can attest to. If you would like to know how this can be done, please consider the following tips.

One of the points to consideration, when it comes to redesigning logos, is keeping your overall message the same. Yes, logos can change over the course of time; this doesn’t mean that they still can’t convey the same basic message. Coca-Cola is a great example of this, especially when given how iconic the brand name is after all these years. This is a critical point to make note of, and there isn’t a single Long Island advertising agency that can say differently.

Next, try to focus on keeping simplicity at the forefront. As firms like fishbat will tell you, minimalist design is all the rage, and one of the reasons for this is how easy it is to read. Consider the fact that most people cannot clearly read script or other kinds of typefaces, which is why many website and graphic developers have stuck with the likes of Arial and Calibri. Simplicity matters, and no Long Island advertising agency can overlook this.

After your redesigns go live, it’ll make sense to keep track of consumer response. The reason for this – and I am sure that others can agree – is that your audience’s initial response won’t be defining. Yes, many consumers will not be entirely onboard with logo changes at the start. However, if your work is well-crafted, perceptions will change for the better. This will not happen, though, unless you make it a point to observe what your audience is saying.

As you can see, there is much that goes into the shifting of website logos. Google made a change that had people talking, and it’s possible that you can do the same. All you have to do is adhere to the points mentioned earlier, and exercise care when doing so. It might take some time to find the perfect successor, but that’s what effort is all about in this sense. If you’re dedicated and spend time putting in the work, the best results will shine through.

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