Travel Fundamental – Dual USB Car Charger

Cell phone accessories have become important additions to mobile devices. Most phone owners these purchase accessories that make it easier for them to use their phones while traveling. Thanks to these items, users can now stay connected while on the go since they can quickly charge their phones. They can also make hands-free phone calls and listen to music through Bluetooth headsets.

If you’re about to go on a trip by car, the following accessories will certainly come in handy.

One good example of a travel essential is a dual USB car charger. What many people fail to realize is that we can simplify a lot of things by using something universal so it can be used for various devices.

For example, instead of bringing one charger for each of your gadgets (your mobile phone, your Android tab, your iPod), it would be [wiser|smarter] to just bring a single charger that can be used to power all three gadgets. By bringing a dual USB car charger, you would be able to free a lot of space in your bag and would not have to be bothered by picking the right charger when in a hurry.

A dual USB charger is greatly recommended for smartphone and tablet owners. High quality dual cell phone car chargers protect mobile devices from overheating.

Usually, the battery life of smartphone devices lasts for around a day whereas tablets have a battery life that lasts for several hours. Even if these gadgets run out of battery while on a road trip, a dual USB car charger can certainly help extend the battery life and keep mobile devices functional during crucial hours.

Whether you’re driving inside a tunnel or heading towards a barren road, it’s necessary to have a strong cell phone signal. A magnetic amplified antenna can help improve weak signals wherever you travel. It has a magnetic mount that’s great to use in a car, at home or even in the office. The installation procedure is also easy. This is a must-have accessory for professionals planning a business trip or just about anyone who dislikes bad signal and dropped calls.

3) Hands-Free Earpiece

We all know that we can become quite anxious when wanting to charge devices. Some of us who are really in a hurry, simply content ourselves with a few minutes charging for one device so we can immediately charge another device that we want to use fast.

With a dual charger, it is possible to power up two of your gizmos at the same time.

Along with portable accessories like a dual USB car charger and hands-free earpiece, a hands-free kit is also helpful. You can use this to power your mobile devices from your car’s battery. It also comprises a microphone for hands-free usage.

4) Auxiliary Cable

A durable leather case can safeguard your phone from scratches and dents. Usually, leather cases have a built-in belt clip, carrying strap and plastic cover for protecting keypads. With its thick interior and elastic sides, your cell phone can be protected from damages.

Most cell phone users inevitably drop their devices once in a while. It definitely helps to have a genuine leather case to safeguard your device from accidental damage.

But it would be extra useful if it can also power up other devices like digital cameras, your other mobile phones, and maybe even a GPS navigation device.

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