Shocking Undercover University Lab Unveils Best Traffic Generation Strategies

Imagine gaining access to a study on traffic generation carried out by a College and supervised by a highly profitable software and information marketing and advertising business.

University research is usually not accessible to the public, or at times when it is, it costs a tidy fortune.

But Bradford University in the UK along with Intellimon (creators of the famous X-Site Pro website software) are conducting what is most likely the greatest-ever survey about online traffic, and you can have the full results for FREE whilst everyone else will have to for it.

Here’s how and why:

We all know traffic generation is key to online success. Yet knowing what sort of traffic to invest time and money in can be complicated at best, entirely confusing at worst.

A new research report will be accessible in a matter of days and can be claimed for FREE simply by anyone who acts right now to participate in the simple short survey.

They will then earn themselves a free copy of the released report, whilst other people will have to shell out the dough.

Paul Smithson, top guy at Intellimon says: “I’ve already seen the initial analysis from the first few thousand people to complete the survey, and the results have seriously created a quantum shift in the way that I think about traffic… When people see the full analysis they’re going to be blown away. There has simply never been anything like this before.”

Just what are the best sources of traffic?! A timeless issue with many answers… and also numerous distractions.

Like a dog chasing its tail you can go round in circles trying to find out the way to drive traffic to your website. Various multiple opportunities exist for attracting targeted traffic with regard to optins, sales and earnings. But which can function best for you? Which will be more affordable? Which should you put into action first, and then second?

There is a good deal to learn indeed. But is it really possible to squeeze 5 years worth of learning curve into only a few hours? Is it possible to understand traffic generation like the professionals who have years of experience? Can you rapidly select the precise priorities that will be profitable and easiest to use for your particular business?

The current survey and subsequent document aims to uncover everything from:

– which techniques work best for acquiring traffic

– techniques people have trouble with most

– how effective specific methods such as Facebook are

– which age/gender/education profile has most/least success with traffic generation

– which geographic locations are best at generating traffic

– how much time people spend on traffic generation

– the best and also worst sources of visitors

– how much search engine optimization people actually do

– how effective people feel social media is

… and LOTS more.

You have access to the Traffic Survey via which will instantly qualify you to get the full published research once it’s finalised.

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