Is Melaleuca A Scam? Find Out The Truth Here

Can you really make money by telling someone to shop at a specific website? Melaleuca does just that by offering you the chance to earn a commission on sales made by someone when you refer them to the company website. When someone you tell, goes to the website and makes a purchase you will be able to make money from the sales that are made.

Melaleuca may sound like a scam, but in reality they are a legitimate business. They offer well over 200 different products for sale on their website which come from a range of product lines including but not limited to nutritional and household cleaning. Network marketing is no new concept and in fact has allowed countless people the ability to earn millions of dollars. The marketing strategy that Melaleuca uses is very practical in that their products are spread by word of mouth and will reward those make referrals in the form of a commission.

Upon joining Melaleuca you will need to start buying products while also trying to get others to do exactly the same. It is okay to get involved with Melaleuca and just purchase the products. But if you really want to begin making money and building a large team you must start referring others to the site and signing them up to make monthly purchases. In order to receive these commissions you must keep purchasing products whether or not you need them.

One of the interesting facets that Melaleuca has implemented into their compensation plan is the ability to earn commissions on those that are recruited onto your team. You will get paid on those team sales by seven levels deep. This pay plan is okay, as long as you are able to sponsor people and they can duplicate your efforts so that your team continues to grow.

When you start selling Melaleuca you will need to learn how market your opportunity. It sounds much easier said than done and you will run into many objections. You should get a system in place that will allow you to attract leads to yourself and sort them automatically. This kind of system will allow you effortlessly to automatically follow up with your leads and allow you to know exactly who the best-suited candidates are for your Melaleuca opportunity. The kind of people you will want to sponsor are ones that are completely dedicated and who will be able to duplicate your efforts.

Randy Disert is a network marketing expert that wrote this review on Melaleuca scam to help you understand more about the company and if you can succeed in it.

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