The Increasing Popularity of Fashion Blogging

Since the blogosphere exploded a few years ago fashion has become one of its hot topics. Some estimates state that there could be as many as two million style blogs on the internet right now which means that a lot of people are trying to get their voices heard. But why have blogs become so popular and what do they really have to offer those who constantly update theirs?

As the fashion industry moves so fast the bloggers have to keep up with this in order to keep their reputations intact. Because of this there are articles and pictures from the biggest shows in the world within minutes of them happening. Some of the more well connected writers are even able to snap backstage shots of the models as they come off the runway.

The amount of style blogs available mean anyone can find a writer talking about the sort of look or type of clothing they are searching for. Some of the most popular sites are the ones following celebrities with Rhianna, Beyonce and Sienna Miller being written about heavily as scores of their fans try to mirror the looks they get so effortlessly.

For many fashion is a highly desirable industry to get into and by keeping an up to date account of the styles that matter some people actually land their dream job through their blogs. These aspiring insiders have realised that there is money to be made through blogging. They hope to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Manolo the Shoe Blogger and Heather and Jessica from Go Fug Yourself who have all received direct offers of work as a result of the articles they have written.

The anonymity of blogging allows fashion employees to write fully and openly about styles they like which might not fit with the image of who they work for. Writers like these are normally best placed to offer unique scoops before they hit the tabloid press, giving them the power to create the angle of the story.

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