This Importance Of A Trustworthy Forex Trading Broker

A lot of individuals get into the forex investing arena without considering the importance of picking a reputable and honest metatrader MT4 broker. A good forex MT4 broker can be the difference between success or failure and sadly, new traders are not aware of the crucial differences between currency brokers. Of significant concern is that the fx industry is not centrally regulated such as stock exchanges so this opens the door for brokers to be unjust with their clients.

The major distinction that you will see amongst forex brokers is whether they are a dealing desk or non dealing desk metatrader broker. A dealing desk broker makes money via the spreads and by trading against its clientele by taking the other side of the trade. A Dealing Desk Forex broker is usually called a Market Maker.

Non Dealing Desk Forex MT4 brokers do not take the other side of the trade however rather provide accessibility to the interbank market. With a reputable No Dealing Desk broker, there should be no re-quotes and no additional pausing when waiting for the order verification. These metatrader brokers will either charge a commission whilst keeping the spreads extremely tight or choose to increase the spread and make your forex trading commission free.

There are also two other types of brokers. Straight Through Processing brokers that send orders directly from clients to the liquidity providers/banks which trade on the Interbank; and Electronic Communications Network brokers which allow client orders to interact with other client orders thus creating a marketplace where all participants, including banks, market makers and independent traders, trade against each other by sending competing bids and offers into the system. Both these types of brokers can be considered No Dealing Desk.

Of these sorts of metatrader brokers, keep away from the Dealing Desk Market Makers. They do not have your best interest in mind. Why would they? After all, they need to have you to lose in order to make the most money. Many encourage new customers with incredibly narrow spreads and even feature account deposit bonus deals similar to online gambling houses. But when it comes down to it, they have every reason to make trading hard so you lose with tactics such re-quotes and stop hunting. Forex trading is tough enough as it is, the last thing you need is your broker to make it more challenging. Select a no dealing desk broker so that you never need to worry about being robbed and focus on the task at hand, fx trading!

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