Categories of SMS

Love SMS or text messaging is one of the most popular ways of communication amongst everyone around the globe.It has cemented itself into our lives in such a way that we can not imagine our life without it.It is the best way to stay in touch with our friends, family and all near and dear ones.It’s already indispensable in our daily life.

Information exchange is no longer a problem with SMS.We use them to send jokes to our friends.Lovers Use them to express their feelings of Love towards each other.When we intend to break relationships, it is also a channel to state your wish off breaking up.We also use it convey greetings to a friend or family and love ones on special occasions.It is also used by businessmen as marketing tool.On the whole, this technology has made communication much simpler then ever before.

Like I said in above paragraph, Different people use Hindi SMS for different purpose.There are also categories of SMS.Each category is especially created to send different types of messages to your all near and dear ones.

1 – Love SMS – As the name suggests, this is a category which is especially created for all Lovers around the world.It contains all Romantic, Lovely, Sweet, Cute, Poetic, friendly text messages which can be used by Lovers to improve their relationship.This is only for lover but also for anybody like parents, children and siblings who wants to manifests their love to one another.

2 – SMS Jokes – If you want to cheer up someone, then this kind is for you to use.Sending them to your friends and family will definitely make them Laugh Out Loud and tickle their funny bone as it contains very funny, hilarious and humorous jokes.

3 – Birthday SMS -This category is a collection of birthday wishes, greetings and messages. It contains a food for one’s thought.It also contains Funny birthday messages which are sure to bliss birthday person.Sending them is convenient and easy way to show your wishes, care and affection to birthday person.

4 – Dirty Text Messages – This category consists some very Dirty Text Messages which can be used to turn your love on.There’s no need to elaborate this category.

5 – Hindi SMS- There are also people who do not have an excellent grasp of English language.This category suits to those who have below average language skills.It is one of the most popular formats amongst Indians.Its contents are in Hindi Language.Sending them will inject some lighter side of life.

These forms are all searchable in the web.So, make use of these text messages by sending them to your love ones to show that they are always in your thoughts.

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