Learn To Calculate The Data Transfer Required Of Your Web Site?

First, we see that bandwidth. The term refers to the bandwidth of the data flow inside and outside your site to other customers and vice versa. The bandwidth must be purchased and is not free. More bandwidth users, more data simultaneously and at the same time, all tracks are served in a shared benefit. But as I said, the bandwidth is not free and is commercially exploitable.

So one has to calculate how much of the bandwidth is getting used daily. On the basis of this, You would be able to predict the optimum value of bandwidth required. Calculation of bandwidth helps you decide on the cheap hosting plan you might give your verdict to.

Calculate the bandwidth is not a great job. Many hosting providers and a number of cheap hosting plans also provides the calculation of bandwidth can help. But this can be done well of you. To calculate the bandwidth: It would be clearer if you explain with an example. This is a site where the file size is 100kb say. What is the text 30 kb and the rest are all images that includes general information, logos, etc. There are seven pages of this type in the website. At an average of four pages are viewed by a user. And at an average of 15,000 users per month use the site. On this basis, the bandwidth can be calculated as = 100kb * * 15 000 = 6 million 4Payment KB 6 MB = 6000 GB.

The server is used as much as 6 GB per month, 200 MB per day, or 2.3 kb / sec. for servers, this is not a big problem, but the real Web sites to go with such a small size. Therefore control over daily use and that varies depending on the bandwidth.

This could be a possibility that other sites use your bandwidth. The images, audio, video files use up much more bandwidth than plain text only. So the first thing to check is, what is in place to feed on their bandwidth. There are several cheap hosting plans with images and audio-video files on other servers, saving bandwidth load. It is therefore very important to know how much bandwidth is needed for the site to decide on other factors in the maintenance of the site.

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