6 Types Of Batteries That A Lipstick Power Bank Can Contain

Although not everyone believes that a lipstick power bank is needed, it is necessary to have one especially if you are always on the go.

Answering calls, using your applications and other important functions cannot be compromised with the red battery signal. With this, here are some reasons to ponder on why you should get yourself a lipstick power bank.

NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) Battery

This battery can charge a device in just 1 hour and requires 30-60 days of maintenance. It usually costs $50 and it can produce a temperature of -40-60 degrees Fahrenheit. The NiCd battery can deliver higher power to devices when it is exposed to a temperature of 1-20 degrees Celsius. It is also typically used to charge video cameras.

Also, opening several applications at one time can also severely put your battery down. Turn off unnecessary programs and apps to also prevent system crash. Apart from that, disable your Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE function if they’re not in use. Your gadget would constantly search for a nearby signal if it’s left on.

This Lipstick-sized handy gadget charger from Vority Vigor 3S is a must have for every iPhone, iPad and Android user. Apart from being functional, it comes in black, blue and pink colors. This compressed, handy power bank weighs only about less than 70 grams.

Alkaline Battery


NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) Battery

This battery can charge gadgets at a maximum power when exposed to a temperature of 0.5-5 degrees Celsius. It can take 2-4 hours to charge devices and it requires maintenance for 60-90 days to prevent crystalline formation. It can produce a temperature of -20-60 degrees Fahrenheit and its typical price is $20. The NiMH can be recycled because it contains small amounts of toxins. It is typically used to charge laptops and smart phones.

Vority Vigor’s Lipstick power bank gives us the best offer for the trendiest and most functional charger on the market.

You can also charge your cameras, Music players, PSP, video cameras, GPS, Bluetooth speakers, battery cases and almost any gadget that charges through USB 2 and 3 types. Moreover, most chargers today offer functionality as its best feature. The Vority Vigor 3S lipstick power bank has an input Micro USB and connector for output USB that can be both used at the same time.

Lead Acid Battery

When it comes to gadgets, the most important thing is the after-purchase warranty. Amazon has been known to be a fairly safe place to buy things. Transacting with Vority would also give you a money back guarantee and replacement free of charge in case of unsatisfactory items. You are also entitled to a 1 year warranty under Vority.

These are the different kinds of batteries that a lipstick power bank may need to function properly.

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